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Monday, March 14, 2011

288 Families Ahead of Us

Just got an update from CHI. Currently there are 288 families ahead of us. They got a referral for one baby, and the others dropped out I assume. Happy and sad as usual. Happy for the family that got their referral; sad for those who felt they had to drop out for whatever reason. But that's the way this goes. 

The China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) has finished their review of the adoption application documents registered with their office before June 30, 2010. They have finished the placement of children for the families whose adoption application documents were registered with their office before June 9, 2006

For reference, our adoption application documents were registered with the CCAA on August 23, 2007. So placement SEEMS like around a year out. for us. But I never know what to think. And I never get my hopes up. 

Next Log In Date (LID) that is up for placement is June 13, 2006. That means those with a LID of 6.13.06 are next! Yay for them! Including that date, there are 58 LIDs before us. For them to get to us within a year, there would have to be referrals once a week on average, right? This has not been the experience as of late. But who knows. Things could pick up at any time. Fingers crossed. 


Carl said...

I never imagined this could take so long. I'm impressed by your perseverance. You will be great parents!

Krista Myer said...

:) thanks. we didn't think it would take this long either.